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Green Banana

What We Do

Functional Food Solutions​

Can we produce food that doesn't just avoid harm, but actively restores nature and reverses previous damage.

Regenerative food systems can ensure we're able to feed many generations to come and as food is part of nature, and nature is inherently regenerative - it can renew itself.


This way of thinking about food and nature is not new, smallholder farmers who predominantly indigenous populations have employed traditional ecological knowledge for centuries. Specific regenerative farming practices include no till, cover cropping, diversified cropping, silvopasture, and mixed cropping. Organic agriculture practices can overlap with these and promote healthy soils, ecosystems and people. 

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At Green Banana Food (GbF), we consider ourselves as food curators, and that’s why we adopted the ‘Edible Discovery’ innovation strategy.

Within Edible Discovery, we strive to align the food we eat with the natural heritage we depend on to live happily and healthy.

After a careful selection of each raw material, all of our products are crafted to perfection by adopting different food cultures such as pasta cultures from Italian regions, pastry techniques from France and UK. This combination of new & respecting old farm recipes, is at the centre of Gabanna Food Studio.

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We focus on functional food solutions & humanity’s relationship to nature.

Our ambition is to provide today’s consumers with a range of food products that are both nutritious and also good for the environment.

All Functional Food Solutions

Making Puff Pastry

Matooke highland banana flour falls into the category of functional flours, and we work with other heritage seeds like sorghum, millet, amaranth, Bambara nuts, and more to create the perfect gluten free, functional & tasty flour blends

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Matooke pata cavatappi, green banana pasta

Matooke Pasta

slow carbs & dietary fibre 

We have delivered a game-changing pasta rich in prebiotic fibre, slow carbs and high protein and cooks perfectly to an al dente bite and texture. It's a perfect pasta for any comfort food aficionado.


Enjoy this culinary adventure! 


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Pastry is evolving to include healthy indulgent offerings with ingredients that boost health and flavour. Its the central principle for Gabanna pastry products

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