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Matooke Madeleines with pistachio

Wildly Indulgent with heritage ingredients

There’s no reason why pastry goodies should be filled with questionable trans-facts, sugars, salt and empty carbs. We are creating a portfolio of pastry goodies that utilise functional ingredients, clean label with more flavour harnessed from natures, botanicals, fruits and more.

With artisanal pastry techniques and nature-positive ingredients, we cannot go wrong with our madeleines, sweet & savoury financiers & shortbread cookies, canneles & Chinese-inspired mooncakes.

Wildly indulgent sweet and savoury profiles are made possible with a careful selection of whole grains and superfoods with functional properties as dietary fibre, proteins, slow carbs to create delightful textures and flavours that delight the senses.

Within Edible Discovery, we connect with other food cultures in Africa, Asia, LatAm to learn about more heritage crops, create new profiles and connect people and places.

Better-For-You Pastry

Naturally indulgent

Clean label & gluten-friendly

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