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Food Studio & Biodiversity Stewardship

At Green Banana, we consider ourselves as food curators, and that’s why we adopted the ‘Edible Discovery’ innovation strategy. Within Edible Discovery, we strive to align the food we eat with the natural heritage we depend on to live happily and healthy.


Within Edible Discovery, we develop and produce food solutions that nourish the body and mind by utilising the abundant natural crops diversity (plant biodiversity) & sourcing directly from nature positive farmers.

Our purpose is to provide today’s consumers with a range of functional foods that are both nutritious, tasty and good for the natural environment.

Functional foods are a category of foods that have natural compounds that provides us with health benefits beyond the traditional role that foods play in our lives.

While the industrial food system has had a negative impact on the environment and our health, an increasing number of consumers are seeking out foods that are natural, nutrient-dense, and sourced from a small-scale, nature-based system. 


As we delight and engage consumers to cultivate a new fondness for different flavours, textures and colours, the behind-the-scenes work is done with passionate & outbox thinkers & partners that directly support our strategic and operational goals, as we believe that mission-aligned partnership and stewardship can change the world. 

Continuous Innovation with smart processing technologies and biodiversity-rich ingredients

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