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Regenerative & Functional

Our Origins & Mission

The Origins

The adage that “you can plant a dream” is so true for me (Sean), hailing from Uganda, an ecologically rich and diverse nation & in my formative ages, the skill and art of working the land became second nature, both from the old wisdom from my grandparents and the science of plants and agriculture from my parents, aunt and uncle.

After my dad passed in 20213, leaving behind an expensive passion project - a Matooke plantation, I endeavoured to find food applications for this banana variety based on its rich micro and macro compounds perfect for various functional food applications such as slow carbs, resistant starch, minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre (prebiotics).


Green Banana Food is built on this background with a careful selection of raw materials and intelligent systems to develop and produce gastronomic indulgences that harmonise our joy in food and our lives with nature.

The Team

Sean Patrick

Founder & Product R&D

Creative Thinker Entrepreneur

Beng Gwanmesia

Sales & Business dev

Gorilla Marketing

Prem Prasad .S

Systems Engineering & System Level Design

Data Modelling



Brand promise: To delight your tastebuds with nature’s best plants and botanicals

Our Mission is to foster food innovation that utilises the wider crop biodiversity & connecting people and communities to natural heritage and enjoy delightful nourishing foods.

This is urgent and important because of the problem we see: The accelerating biodiversity loss due to mono-crop industrial food is the biggest threat to sustainable healthy food supply. The world has over 50 000 edible plants, yet just three of them, rice, maize and wheat, provide 60% of the world's food energy intake.

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