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Fusion Pasta

A delightful Culinary Discovery

Breaking the rules of traditional pasta-making, our gourmet pasta offer a bold new take on pasta. Uniquely blending spelt, ancient wheats, botanicals, and edible heirlooms, our pasta is an exciting and unforgettable taste experience. It's perfect for those who crave something new and different. Experience the adventure of pasta with our unique and exciting flavours.

Our pasta is a discovery of perfect texture, mouthfeel, and functional health benefits. It's a pasta for daily pasta moments, perfected with honest ingredients crafted to ensure a perfect bite and nutritious meal. It's a pantry staple for the eco-consumer and pasta aficionado.

Our gluten-friendly pasta made from a blend of Matooke, sorghum and other extra proteins and fibre rich seeds and grains. This is not the regular gluten free pasta, its a game-changing pasta rich in prebiotic fibre, slow carbs, and high protein that cooks perfectly to an al dente bite and texture.

Better For You Pasta with botanicals, and more..

Gluten Friendly, and slow carbs

Prebiotic fibre for gut health

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