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A delightful Culinary Discovery

A discovery of perfect texture, mouthfeel and functional health benefits. Matooke pasta is not your average pasta, it is a gluten-friendly pasta made from a blend of Matooke flour with other high nutrient & nature positive seeds and grains like sorghum, maize and extra proteins and fibres.

Its a pasta for daily pasta moments (salad, hot meal, quick meal, Sunday comfort meal) perfected with honest ingredients crafted to ensure a perfect bite and nutritious meal. Its a pantry stables for the health and eco-friendly consumer

We have delivered a game-changing pasta rich in prebiotic fibre, slow carbs and high protein and cooks perfectly to an al dente bite and texture. It's a perfect pasta for any comfort food aficionado.

PS. common question - does it taste like yellow bananas? No it doesn't, its like eating regular pasta with hints of nutty flavours from seeds and grains, the Matooke highland banana has a neutral taste - just like potatoes

Better For You Pasta

Gluten Friendly, and slow carbs

Prebiotic fibre for gut health

Matooke Cavaappi pasta green banana pasta
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