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Banna Cereal Background (55 × 35cm).png

BANNA Cereal

Nourishing, Playful, and Indulgent

Who says cereal is only a breakfast food?

Reimagining what cereal by expanding the concept of cereal towards new forms. The pastina-like cereal brings a new hot-cereal concept and the baked cereal enables low sugar crunchy cereal with real clean label ingredients sourced directly from farmers.

Eliminating highly processed starches and excessive extrusion temperature in cereal production is vital in transforming this category into a healthy food category.

BANNA Cereal is more than just a breakfast option - it's a celebration of nature's bounty, a commitment to regenerative agriculture, and a source of wholesome indulgence. Inspired by the vibrant colours and flavours of the natural harvest bounty.

BANNA Cereal is on a mission to redefine the way we think about breakfast and snacking, offering nourishing and delicious options that are good for our bodies and the planet.

Wholesome Indulgence Regenerative Wonder

Playful Exploration

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